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Neteera 130

Neteera is developing a disruptive solution which combines unprecedented sensing capabilities, data collection, AI-based analysis, and decision support mechanisms: Neteera 130 is a unique microsensor, consisting of radar-on-chip and proprietary algorithms.

Neteera 130 is compact (6 x 8.2 cm), operates at very high frequency (116 GHz-123 GHz) and senses micro-skin displacements through clothing and from a distance. These are then interpreted into vital signs and other behavioral indicators by our algorithm and serve to assess the subject’s physiological status. Neteera 130 can be used while the patient is in a sitting, standing, or lying position.

Data is uploaded to Neteera’s HIPAA and GDPR-compliant cloud and is accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Patient data can be viewed continuously or intermittently, depending on patient needs, giving caregivers ultimate flexibility and insights.

Our technology requires no maintenance, is non-vision based (no cameras) and we ensure that all information obtained is completely anonymized, thereby providing ultimate privacy. Neteera 130 can function as a stand-alone solution, through a WiFi network or integrated within existing platforms, medical equipment, or screening devices.

Product features


Heart rate

Respiration rate

Heart rate interval

Respiration depth

Inhale-exhale ratio

Sleep apnea*

Bed occupancy*

Detects through clothing

Real time data

Position changes in bed*

pressure ulcer prevention

Patient trying to exit bed*

risk of fall

Bed exit/entry count as indicator of urinary tract infection*


discerns between multiple subjects

Continuous mode for long-term supervision

Intermittent mode for current state


Product overview

Neteera 130 measures micro-skin displacements caused by heartbeats. The derived signal, the ballistocardiogram, correlates accurately with standard ECG signals. Neteera 130, algorithms and advanced AI technology transmit data to Neteera’s cloud where anonymized data is uploaded and can be securely accessed through a smartphone, tablet or computer by the patient or care provider. All patient data is stored in the cloud for caregiver access and analysis of current and historical data.

HIPAA & GDPR cloud


patient health monitoring

Neteera 130 continuously monitors biodata. Patient can be monitored sitting, standing, or lying, from the front or back.


patient treatment outcomes

WiFi-to-cloud connection to upload anonymized data is securely accessed by smartphone, tablet or laptop.



patient optimized care

Support decisions & personalized care provision.*
*subject to FDA approval

Certification & Regulation