Simple and accurate contactless monitoring

Effortlessly understanding our health state

Neteera’s sensing technology is a service based on a single platform device that provides a variety of vital-signs and bio-data features and indications in a continuous, contactless and passive manner. Medical staff can finally benefit and provide better care with this new way of effortlessly understanding patients’ status. Neteera’s HealthGate cloud data management and analysis solution improve workflow efficiency by providing seamless data with no stress, no device manipulation, or maintenance.

With unrivaled accuracy and high resolution, new features are developed and added through simple software upgrades.

Product features


Heart rate

Respiration rate

Respiration depth

Inhale-exhale ratio

Bed occupancy

Vacancy indication

Detects through clothing

Real time data

Vacancy frequency analysis

Continuous mode for long-term supervision

Spot check mode

EHR/EMR integration

Text messaging/email communication


The 3Ds

Neteera 130 was designed with the understanding that we need to be able to streamline clinical workflows to drive adoption and impact care.

Detection, Data and Decisions.


At the heart of Neteera’s platform is our in-house designed sensor, which continuously monitors patients in a clinical or home-based setting, whether they are seated or lying down and from the front or back. Since the underlying technology is based on high-resolution radar, Neteera’s sensor is capable of monitoring these physiological parameters through clothing or other materials, making it a seamless and stressless experience for both the patient and caregiver.


Patient biometric data is collected, anonymized, and sent via Wi-Fi to Neteera’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud. This allows for caregivers to access the data of multiple patients from any internet connected device, whether it be in real time or retrospectively. Further, Neteera’s data feeds can be integrated into Electronic Health Records or bespoke workflow platforms using a suite of APIs.


The power of passive, continuous patient monitoring becomes particularly valuable when nurses and doctors are making personalized care decisions. The ability to look into the historical biodata of a patient allows caregivers to better understand the impact of medications, environment or other treatment modalities.

HIPAA & GDPR cloud


patient health monitoring

Neteera 130 continuously monitors biodata. Patient can be monitored sitting or lying, from the front or back.


patient treatment outcomes

Wi-Fi-to-cloud connection to upload anonymized data is securely accessed by smartphone, tablet or laptop.



patient optimized care

Support decisions & personalized care provision.

Certification & Regulation