Use cases

Current solutions lack a frictionless experience for both patient and clinician, as they often only offer spot checks and require patients to manipulate devices or receive caregiver assistance. This can be problematic for the elderly, cognitively or motor impaired individuals. 

Neteera’s Digital Nursing Assistant was designed with the understanding that we need to be able to streamline clinical workflows to drive adoption and impact care. Our technology will have a tremendous impact on nurses by enabling them to address other important issues. Reallocating their time will decrease burnout and increase nurse retention.

The desire to shift towards home-based care has significantly increased, especially in rural areas, and has driven the need for a better remote patient monitoring platform and patient experience to reduce the need for non-urgent doctor visits. Such a platform is particularly significant for chronic disease management, the increasing aging population and for those who wish to age in place.

Dealing with the nurse shortage

The global healthcare ecosystem is in a midst of a challenging cycle. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed hospitals that have urgent needs to address the nurse shortage. Nurses have become increasingly mentally and physically drained throughout the pandemic, but these issues were rampant prior to 2020.

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