Neteera Webinar on Demand:

Heart Rate Variability

‍Duration: 30 minutes including Q&A

Our heart does not beat as a metronome. While heart rate reflects the average beats of our heart per minute, heart rate variability (HRV) measures the specific changes in time between successive heart beats. Precise measurement and monitoring of HRV provide a unique window of understanding into state and dynamics in human physiological condition.

Join Neteera Medical Director Dr Ariel Drori for fascinating insights into the phenomenon of HRV.

Webinar Program: Introduction to heart rate variability, the autonomic nervous system, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, “quantifying” heart rate variability, HRV in the medical world & respiratory rate variability.
Time will also be given for Q&A.

Our speaker:

Dr. Ariel Drori (MD)
Senior Physician, Shaare Zedek Medical Centre
Medical Director, Neteera

Dr. Drori joined Neteera in 2019 after serving as Head of Medical Research at ThoarXS. His medical background includes residency in Internal Medicine, vast experience in pre-clinical and clinical research, as well as medical device innovation.